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Transforming the store experience for your customer.

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Some of the biggest issues faced within the retail industry include multiple security risks, poor customer data, as well as digitizing customer experience and expectations. Having supported customers across the country for over 30 years, we understand the challenges in keeping stores running.

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Our managed print services program can standardize your fleet, reducing your printing costs and support hours. With proactive maintenance and automated supply alerts, we’ll increase your fleet’s uptime so that you can focus on the customer and not on your printers. Our nationwide support means that all operations are centralized, giving your stores a consistent level of service across the country.

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With Dove IT your organization can securely record and store your customer’s important information such as financial data, addresses, usernames, email, and passwords. We also provide ways protect organizational data and minimize the risk of data breaches, stolen credentials, and data harvesting with our cybersecurity solutions.

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Tired of trying to manage a fleet of different devices? Our depot solution offers nationwide storage and rapid deployment of devices to your stores to keep your organization standardized, increasing efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs.

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Convert manual processes into digital ones for faster sharing of documents and data, improving workflow. Drastically simplify communications to and from stores with digital workflow processes to capture information and schedule automatic reporting.

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Improve the customer experience and maximize workplace efficiency, by keeping stock and inventory information up to date and accurate. Our barcode technology can also help eliminate errors caused by entering information manually and manage employee productivity and workplace security with employee identification software.

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From detecting who came and went from a storage closet to who was clocked in during certain hours, our systems seamlessly combines access-based events with corresponding video footage. With proactive alerts delivered via SMS or email, staff can quickly detect when incidents occur and take action. In addition, our smart features such as Occupancy Trends can with you insight into areas with high traffic to improve product placement.


Industries We Support

We have extensive experience working with almost every size company and industry. See how we can help you.

Education Industry


Erase network, printing, and other productivity issues for K-12 schools and higher education institutions.

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Government Industry


Find out how federal, state, and local agencies can be more productive and respond faster to citizens’ needs.

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Healthcare Industry


Improve patient care through more secure, robust, and reliable technology. Learn how we make it easy.

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Legal Industry


Serve your clients better with improved tracking, document security, and data protection.

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Manufacturing & Distribution Industry

Manufacturing & Distribution

Efficiency is critical in today's world. Simplify your tech logistics today.

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Banking & Financial Industry

Financial Services

Firms demand efficiency and security. See how to make your tasks simpler and your data more secure.

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Retail Industry


FImprove the customer experience with better support, productivity, and security for all of your locations.

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