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Cloud-based security to protect people, assets, and privacy.

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Complete Cloud Surveilliance in a Single Pane of Glass

Cameras, Alarms, Access Control, and Guest Management

Our suite of security devices make it easy to secure your location. Our security solutions are cloud-based, so there’s no bulky, expensive servers. With the cloud you can access your video feed from anywhere with our free app.  Solutions include video security, door access control, sensors, and alarms.

  • Cloud-based security means no need for expensive servers
  • Unlimited cloud archiving
  • Customizable level of site permissions
  • Cameras have built-in license plate recognition
  • Automatic updates and new features
  • Share live-feed to emergency services for fast response times
  • Every camera comes with a 10-year product warranty


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The assessment starts by gathering detailed information on all entryways and exits, locks, operational procedures, and practices that you are using to keep your business safe. This is to discover any security vulnerabilities or hazards.

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Once the discovery process has been completed, our security team will work with you to design a customized plan that fits your organization’s needs and addresses any issues identified through the discovery assessment.

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We’ll train you and your staff on security best-practices and ensure you are comfortable with our system. From there you will feel confident utilizing your new security system.

Why Choose DoveGuard

DoveGuard stands out from the rest in terms of ease of use, scalability, and simple installation. Our premise solution was designed to be user-friendly while still providing you with complete security. Combining security, access control, intrusion detection, incident response, and air-quality control into one system allows you to get a full over-view of your business’s operations, anytime, anywhere.

Find Out How We Helped Steel Technologies

Dove Technologies is proud to have become a long-term partner of Steel Technologies. Steel Tech has a better understanding of their fleet’s condition and trusts Dove to make recommendations for new hardware, based on workflow, enhanced technology and environmental conditions.

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    Security Cameras

  • Fast and easy set up within minutes
  • Built-in storage for up to 365 days of footage locally
  • License plate recognition
  • Advanced search filters can identify people by face, clothing type, and other physical characteristics


  • Temperature
  • TVOC
  • Air Quality Index
  • Noise
  • PM 2.5
  • Vape Detection
  • Humidity
  • Motion

    Access Control

  • Touchless entry with Bluetooth app or keycards
  • Control who has access to rooms and buildings
  • Instant Lockdown with one tape in case of emergencies

    Alarm Systems

  • Detect after-hours activity with camera analytics, verified by human reviewers
  • Users will not be contacted unless incidents are confirmed as real alarms by an agent
  • License plate recognition
  • Use the built–in camera, microphone, and speaker, to instantly communicate with onsite staff or talk down intruders

Command App

  • Command provides users a complete picture of activity across sites to easily detect threats and expedite response times.
  • Eliminate complexity with Command’s intuitive user interface and intelligent automation. Add devices in minutes, while leveraging granular roles and permissions to manage users at scale.
  • Access all your devices and manage physical security on-the-go from the intuitive Command app. No port-forwarding or VPNs required.

Guest Management

  • Sign-in via an email invite, iPad kiosk, or QR code. Guests simply follow the flow to check in and hosts are instantly notified to greet them.
  • From branding to custom sign-in flows and document types, admins can customize the experience in minutes.
  • Instantly screen visitor information against a national sex offender database. Deny entry and alert relevant staff to those who pose a risk.
  • Alert personnel of a match and flag visitors against future attempts at entering.