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Streamline business workflows and processes.

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Streamline business workflows and processes.


Is your organization still stuck using manual and paper-based processes? Turn these into digital workflows to improve efficiency, compliance, and productivity.

An effective document management system can simply and securely store your documents, allowing your organization to eliminate physical filing cabinets. Files can easily be searched with powerful optical character recognition (OCR) that allows for quick and accurate tagging and categorizing.

Are you looking to create a digital-only workflow to streamline document handling and automate tasks? Our workflow automation will improve overall productivity by decreasing slow, inefficient processes. Creating effective workflows allows organizations to reduce errors and processing time.


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Ready to make your technology start working for you to accomplish your goals?

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Define Goals

To truly create the ideal workflow our team first needs to understand your vision and long-term goals. We’ll use those goals to determine quantitative metrics to measure increases in productivity and efficiency as well cost savings in time and resources.

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Identity Inefficiencies

Dove will conduct in-depth interview with end users to map out current processes, identifying gaps and inefficient or repetitive activities along the way.

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Implement Workflow

Watch manual processes disappear with automated workflows that effectively and efficiently process information – the same way, every time.

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Analyze Results

We’ll measure our results through pre-determined key performance indicators and ensure that your team is operating at peak performance.

Find Out How We Helped Broad River Retail

DocuWare enables Broad River’s teams to do their work faster and more accurately. This goes beyond the ability to search for documents manually. The digital transformation has eliminated the chance of lost documents and the time it takes to re-create them.

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Make Your Documents Work Smarter, Not Harder

Document Management

If document handling issues are slowing you down, our document management solutions can help you create, track, transfer, and manage documents more efficiently. Store, search, and share your files electronically. Eliminate piles of paperwork, unnecessary phone calls, tedious email strings, and wasted steps to make your documents work smarter, not harder.

Whether you are tracking and managing timesheets, purchase orders, or proprietary reports, Dove’s document management solutions bring your document processes up to the speed of your business.

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  • Reduce physical storage needs

    Convert all of your physical files to digital ones with smart scanning options

  • Find documents faster and easier

    No more digging through old file cabinets looking for one document. Easily search through the repository and quickly find what you’re looking for

  • Enhanced document security

    Ensure that sensitive documents are properly protected and only able to be seen by the right people

  • Improve regulatory compliance

    Prove regulatory compliance for regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and many others as well as automate record retention schedules

  • Better collaboration and productivity

    Enable employees to collaborate more efficiently and improve productivity with easy processes that keep work moving

Streamline department processes and improve overall productivity

Workflow Automation

It’s your business. You work hard each day to make it succeed. But what about your business processes? Are they succeeding—producing the best results in the least amount of time and with the least effort?

Strengthen and improve workflow processes by eliminating issues that can be costly and time consuming. Convert manual department processes to digital ones and boost productivity.

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  • Speed up task management and completion

    With clear workflow and processes you can eliminate back and forth communication by giving all stakeholders clear visibility into the status

  • Reduce processing errors

    Validate data and automatically identify errors that need to be addresses

  • Streamline approval processes

    Create approval workflow to automatically notify managers and supervisors of pending tasks that need their attention

  • Quickly Meet Demand

    Create scalable processes that are easily able to meet rising customer demand, leaving you, and your customers, satisfied.