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Steel Technologies

Steel Technologies has been a leading steel processor in North America for over 50 years. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Steel Technologies has over 25 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Challenge

Steel Technologies' printer fleet included 200+ Zebra thermal transfer printers. Prior to Dove's managed solution, most devices were either being repaired by employees, or through various outside companies offering a “Time and Materials” fix. Steel Tech heavily relies on their thermal transfer devices for barcode label production - when a device goes down, it can result in a loss of labor, money and productivity.

The Solution

The Result


Steel Technologies

Steel Technologies has been a leading steel processor in North America for over 50 years. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Steel Technologies has over 25 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Person grinding metal with electric grinder
Person welding steel frame Person operating drill

The Challenge

Steel Technologies' printer fleet included 200+ Zebra thermal transfer printers. Prior to Dove's managed solution, most devices were either being repaired by employees, or through various outside companies offering a “Time and Materials” fix. Steel Tech heavily relies on their thermal transfer devices for barcode label production - when a device goes down, it can result in a loss of labor, money and productivity.

With devices located throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the fleet was difficult to manage. Service was reactive; resulting in a department being down for several hours. Additionally, product couldn't be shipped if barcode tags weren't printed properly. Delays in shipping heavily impacted logistics and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Initially, Dove Print Solutions was brought on board to perform trial repairs in Louisville, Kentucky. Dove would pick-up Zebra devices, upon request and perform in-house repairs. It quickly became apparent that there was a need for a more standardized solution at each location. As a result, Dove began servicing devices in-house at various Steel Technologies facilities. The repairs were still reactive - based on breakdown, and performed under “Time and Materials”.

Eventually, Steel Technologies saw the need for a company-wide solution that would eliminate downtime and provide better communication with end -users. Dove proposed a maintenance program that offered proactive repair support, as well as scheduled cleanings. Based on warehouse environments, thermal transfer printers can take in dust and debris that are harmful to the printhead, transfer roller, and other materials, within the hardware.

Scheduled preventative maintenance can prolong the life of the printer and help prevent short-term wear and tear. The key to Steel Technologies partnering with Dove was the onsite assessment. Dove sent technicians to each facility to take inventory of the current hardware and assess any damaged devices that were no longer in use. This assessment provided a detailed report, which provided a preventative maintenance schedule, based on each site's overall hardware condition.

The Result

Steel Technologies now has a current up-to-date inventory of their Zebra printer fleet. Calls are requested through the /1039/h Help Desk and can be tracked for updates and completion. This process significantly reduces downtime and provides communication to the end -users. Proactive care is being provided to help prevent emergency service calls and allow for greater uptime. Unused hardware has been assessed and serviced to allow for hot-swap units. Overall, Steel Tech has a healthier fleet, which has eliminated waste and saved money.

Dove Print Solutions is proud to have become a long-term partner of Steel Technologies. Steel Tech has a better understanding of their fleet's condition and trusts Dove to make recommendations for new hardware, based on workflow, enhanced technology and environmental conditions. Steel Tech's Help Desk has spoken highly of Dove's overall communication and effectiveness.

Dove is looking to implement a software solution that will provide metrics on Steel Tech's fleet. This software will show life-expectancy on consumables and detailed information on a device's future service needs.

Bill Collins Ford Lincoln of Louisville

Serving the greater Louisville area with 45 years in the automotive industry

The Challenge

The customer had an overflow in automotive paperwork and stored documents The Service Warranty department was spending an exorbitant amount of time entering data and retrieving documents from the PC.

Space within the dealership was becoming limited due to archived deals and service packets With dozens of boxes waiting taking up valuable room a digital option was preferred However the process of entering and retrieving data was cumbersome; delaying productivity.

The Solution

Bill Collins Ford Lincoln of Louisville considered utilizing a Document Management software years ago. However, due to price, it was decided that the software was too expensive. Dove offered a free assessment to drill down on the dealership's current process and establish a future customized workflow.

Bill Collins decided to utilize DoveFlow, based on its ease of use and cost-effectiveness — saving thousands of dollars annually versus the competition. The discovery information, brought forth from the initial assessment, helped to effectively align the Service Warranty department's purpose with a more efficient workflow process. Dove gained the customer's trust by taking the time to speak with both end-users and upper management regarding their current office environment and objectives.

The Result

Bill Collins Ford Lincoln of Louisville was provided with a thirty-day trial to test the DoveFlow software application and ensure that it was right for their needs. With full access to the application, the team was able to utilize its full capabilities and confirm their expectations were met. Due to its user-friendly design, Bill Collins knew this was the next logical step to take in the workflow.

The Service Warranty department at Bill Collins Ford Lincoln of Louisville can perform its duties now in less time and with fewer manual steps. The ability to submit and retrieve data in a more efficient manner allows the dealership to be more productive with its clientele. Additionally, providing technicians access to scanned service orders has freed up 20% of the cashiers team time — allowing them more time to focus on the customer experience.

The digital document storage has also allowed the team to cut hours out of their weekly routine tasks as they no longer have to search, pull and re-file physical forms when a customer returns. With digital access, files can be pulled immediately when needed. This process has also eliminated the annual purge of documents. A process which used to take days now only takes minutes.

This solution would be impactful to any automotive dealership that is faced with the challenge of importing and reviewing large volumes of valuable data.

The next step is to assess and evaluate other departments, throughout the dealership, and customize a workflow that enhances each area of their business.

Law Office of Weir & Kestner

Personal injury law firm, serving middle Tennessee with three locations.

Three people in office looking at laptop and smiling
Woming using an office printer Man in office looking at phone while holding a coffee

The Challenge

Law Firms have a unique set of challenges — ability to access files anywhere, a secure infrastructure to protect sensitive documents and adhere to compliance standards and mandates, and technology that works in tandem with your team to scan, fiIe, and properly sort case-related material. When hardware isn't communicating effectively with one another, the ability to do all three of these things vanishes and the impact can be detrimental.

As a long -time partner of Dove, the team at Law Office of Weir & Kestner trusted the expertise Dove had to offer and would contact us when their hardware had issues communicating with each other. They could onIy use one printer at a time, had issues scanning documents to court, and were unable to use the full capabilities of their MFP. Printers would also randomly come off the network. These ongoing issues caused a lot of headaches and stress for the team.

Most often these issues were firewall related. The IT infrastructure in place meant whenever a document needed to be scanned or sent outside of network, the firewall would need to be turned off and then turned back on when the task was completed. This routine started off lasting a few days, then those days turned into weeks. The account manager noted that the IT related issues were impacting more than just their efficiency and stress levels, it was leaving them susceptible to an attack.

The Solution

After completing an assessment, a tailored IT infrastructure was suggested with a plan of implementation provided. The DovelT solution proposed would resolve hardware issues, include added security measures, and significantly improve their efficiency. The full suite of IT solutions outlined, which would cover their 3 locations, also included active and real-time monitoring, a help desk icon which would allow for easy and prompt communication with help desk support, and a business continuity management solution that would scale to meet their needs if more locations were added in the future.

The Result

The team at the Law Office of Weir & Kestner have been impressed with the ease of implementation and on boarding regarding their new IT infrastructure — total process taking onIy a week from start to finish. Workflows have improved and the team's ability to get documents where they need to be, when they need to be, has significantly reduced stress and downtime.

Six months into implementation, things are still running smoothIy and the organization continues to look into other opportunities to further enhance their efficiency. This includes hardware upgrades such as laptops, as well as looking into a DoveFlow solution to improve their biIIing process.

Oxmoor Auto Group

A group of full service auto dealerships and collision center serving Louisville, KY for 79 years.

The Challenge

Initially the IT Director, Dave Bock, was looking for a cost savings on toner cartridge consumables. The dealership was currently purchasing compatible consumables from another local company.

The dealerships main challenges were overspending on toner supplies and lacking a consistent partner to perform desktop printer service. The IT Helpdesk staff was spending much of their time diagnosing and repairing the dealerships’ LaserJet printers - leaving them less time to focus on actual IT related issues. Oxmoor also had an aging copier fleet and was in need of upgraded technology.

The Solution

Oxmoor tested Dove’s compatible product and service in-house. Dove provided supplies and service on various brands of desktop hardware for several years. After the partnership grew, Dove eventually performed a walkthrough assessment of each dealership’s desktop printer and copier technology. Dove made recommendations, based on each dealership’s usage and monthly volume. The suggestions from Dove included “right-sizing” hardware; this would move Oxmoor away from smaller, disposable devices and utilize units that produced a lower cost per page.

Oxmoor Auto Group decided to standardize their fleet with one manufacturer. Based on a bulk hardware purchase, Dove was able to leverage the manufacturer and provide the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) high-yield cartridges at a compatible price. New copier devices were chosen to provide high-speed print, copy, scan and fax functionality. Dealerships no longer utilized 11x17 media, so Dove was able to provide copiers with high duty-cycles, but slimmer footprints. This has allowed stores to maximize office space. Dove set-up an initiative to provide hot-swap devices, in cases of emergency, as well as Saturday service.

The Result

Fewer supplies are needing to be ordered on a monthly basis, which has allowed the dealerships to save on printing costs. Less overall downtime allows users to perform their tasks without interruption. Fast-paced workflow can be performed, which enables stores to bring in more revenue. The IT Helpdesk can focus on core responsibilities and get out of the “printer business.”

Dove Print Solutions is proud to have become a trusted partner of the Oxmoor Auto Group. Oxmoor has referred Dove to other automotive dealerships and business associates. The key to their successful on-going relationship has been consistent communication. Dove and Oxmoor continuously discuss their desktop printer and copier fleet in an effort to continue efficiency.

Dove continues to partner with the automotive industry to assess workflow and make recommendations on ways to streamline and simplify processes. Dove can take over an existing fleet, and apply initiatives that reduce spend, without removing current hardware. This prevents a dealership from having to lease or make capital purchases. The savings can allow for new technology investments.

Texas Roadhouse

National restaurant chain with over 600 locations. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tochscreen PoS in restaurant
Restarant table with cutlety and condiments Chefs in restaurant kitched with plates of food

The Challenge

Texas Roadhouse was purchasing desktop MFP hardware with extended manufacturer warranty support. Stores were procuring consumables from various sources and calling the manufacturer for support. Compatible toner, from various online sources, was proving to be problematic and support ceased once the hardware warranty expired. Additionally, different desktop models were being purchased across the franchises, which didn't allow for a streamlined fleet.

Ultimately, the restaurants were overspending on lower-yield toner and not always receiving quality product and had machines that were not getting support. In some cases the machines that were being replaced could have been repaired at a lower cost. The current supplier was not offering an all-inclusive, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

The Solution

With their current desktop model no longer available, Texas Roadhouse was looking to move to a Lexmark device. The Lexmark hardware would have called for a separate drum - this proved to be non-effective and an additional cost for each location. Because of this, going back to the previous method of just replacing printers and ordering different toner was considered even though it was time consuming and tedious. Texas Roadhouse really needed a partner who could offer a true-managed print solution for hardware, supplies and service.

Per Dove's recommendation, Texas Roadhouse decided to move to an HP LaserJet Desktop MFP. Dove provided the HP M426fdw, which will be streamlined for all locations. In addition, Dove is providing an ultra high-yield toner consumable, which will cut back on costs and provide consistent quality. Dove Tech Support fields all service-related questions and provides 60-Month onsite repair and replacement.

The Result

Restaurants are very happy with the ease of use with their new HP MFP device and the complete support they receive with Dove Print Solutions. Service and supplies are streamlined through Tech Support and Customer Service — allowing for quicker response times. Dove also provides after-hour support on weekends; the customer's busiest time. Stores love that they get to speak with trusted service advisors without having to incur extended call waiting.

Dove has allowed Texas Roadhouse to get out of “The Printer Business" and focus on more pertinent store-related processes. In addition, stores know exactly what to expect from their business partner. Texas Roadhouse would recommend Dove to other restaurant chains and food industry-specific companies.

Urgent Care Association

The original association for independent urgent cares across the country

 Doctor showing heart image on tablet to woman
Doctor with tablet working in office Cloud network technology on a tablet screen

The Challenge

- Corporate team and board were diverse and spread-out.

- Current IT infrastructure could not effectively support a hybrid/work from home staff.

- Ongoing IT support issues were continually impacting team members across the country - this made them feel going fully remote was not possible.

The Solution

- Performed a thorough IT assessment on corporate’s current infrastructure.

- Based on needs, managed network services with full-time support and monitoring were recommended.

- Reviewed current equipment and made recommendations on items that needed to be upgraded.

The Result

- Transitioned from physical server to a cloud-based server.

- A cloud-based solution has allowed them to freely access files in spite of their physical location.

- Freed up staff that were having to assist in managing their own network, increasing productivity.

Ashley Furniture

Broad River Retail (DBA Ashley Furniture) - there are 8 companies in the Broad River Retail, LLC corporate family, doing business as Ashley Furniture Home Stores

Ashley Furniture

Broad River Retail (DBA Ashley Furniture), a furniture industry company, chooses DocuWare for its ability to seamlessly integrate into key business processes and streamline accounting practices.

Furniture company Broad River Retail chooses DocuWare for its seamless integration with existing processes, eliminating double entry and lost documents, and increased efficiency.

Defined accounting processes eliminate repetitive manual entry

Broad River, founded in 2003, has 150 total employees across all of its locations and generates $45.63 million in annual sales (USD). There are 8 companies in the Broad River Retail, LLC corporate family, doing business as Ashley Furniture Home Stores.

The company’s growth is a testament to their associates continuous pursuit of excellence. With a market area encompassing over 20 million residents, the region has historically grown at a compounded annual rate of 5% Broad River’s growth has outpaced it.

Working at this scale requires a significant volume of document processing and record keeping. This challenge prompted Broad River to look at a document management solution.

DocuWare and Broad River – A seamless Duo

After reviewing several solutions, Broad River chose DocuWare for its seamless integration into it’s current accounting processes, while linking departments. Efficiency increased by elimination extra manual entries/lookups. “We were looking for a software that could integrate with the various processes and offer additional functionality to additional departments.”

The DocuWare integration was additionally rolled out to retail sites via Microsoft Surface Tablets. The platform was further customized to fit an improved and streamlined experience.

Saving Valuable Time

Creating this seamless link between the Document Imaging and Accounts Payable departments has resulted in significant time savings. This was achieved by:

- Eliminating the need to print and scan multi-page invoices and documents
- Process invoices via the cloud
- Digital search replaced manual searching, increasing efficiency.

DocuWare enables Broad River’s teams to do their work faster and more accurately. This goes beyond the ability to search for documents manually. The digital transformation has eliminated the chance of lost document and the time it takes to re-create them.

The resounding success with DocuWare encouraged Broad River to consider further integrations with other systems being used by other departments. Expansion of the product is imminent and anticipated.